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    Architectural Assistant / Designer

    Henry finished his MArch at the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2017, and his BArch at Nottingham University in 2013.

    Having worked at Morphosis in Los Angeles, he learnt a number of advanced 3D modelling skills through his time in the model shop. The biggest project he focused on was the Vals Tower, where he was chosen to transport and install 2 huge models to an exhibition in Switzerland. Before this, Henry worked at Mobile Studio Architects where he dealt with smaller housing projects, pavilions and took part in the RIBA Regents Street Window 2015. Both these experiences have exposed him to a variety of programmes, contexts and clients.

    Henry’s final project at the Bartlett was awarded a distinction and was twinned with his thesis. They explored the concept of revealing hidden data within river water to expose information about the surrounding environment. The end scheme was a building that dealt passively with flooding within its site whilst creating laboratories to analyse the data-rich water. The project highlights a constant interest in how architecture deals with the natural world, and the ways we can accentuate and influence this relationship through context, materiality and innovation.