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  • Sophie Mitchell

    Sophie graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design in 2013. Prior to this she studied Architecture at the University of Manchester.

    Since joining NRS in 2015 she has worked on a number of projects within both architecture and exhibition. Including the redevlopment of Sutton Hoo for the National Trust, and Colour and Vision for the Natural History Museum.

    Before joining NRS Sophie worked for Herzog & de Meuron in Switzerland where she collaborated on the AstraZeneca Global R&D Headquarters in Cambridge. Sophie was involved in developing the masterplan, landscape and internal workspaces.

    Sophie has worked on the reconstruction of a number of buildings of significant cultural heritage value in Bosnia & Herzegovina. These projects, including a mosque and traditional housing were concerned with rescuing and preserving tangible and intangible cultural heritage affected by conflict. Steming from this, Sophie’s interests lie in the relationship between cultural heritage, the role of architecture and its impact on daily life and how this influences inter-cultural dialogue.