Grange Hall, Stoke Newington, London

Grange Hall is a former West Hackney National School that originally dates from 1837, and is locally listed being one of only two ecclesiastical buildings that survive in the Parish of West Hackney. It is an impressive example of late Georgian architecture but was in a very poor state of repair both internally and externally and has benefitted greatly from a programme of careful restoration and re-use.

The residential redevelopment of the building for Cubitt Gretstock has preserved and augmented the historic character of the existing through the removal of poor quality elements with the respectful addition of modern features using high quality materials and detailing in a complementary yet contemporary manner.

This approach was well received by the London Borough of Hackney, and the conservation officer in particular was involved in much of the initial discussions on the proposals and this continued through the detailed design process in order that the provision of new materials where needed, were appropriate to both the existing fabric and the overall architectural vision.