Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature

We are thrilled that Jonathan Jones in the Guardian gave this exhibition a 5 star review calling it a ‘mind-expanding peepshow of nature’. We designed the 3D and 2D elements for the exhibition, at the Natural History Museum in London.

We designed a series of spaces that respond to the chronology of animals developing eyes, and how this led to an explosion of colour in the animal kingdom. We hugely enjoyed working on this exhibition, where we collaborated with the artist Liz West to develop an installation using dichroic glass that could introduce the concept of colour in nature, by immersing the visitor in coloured light. Following this we create spaces that act as a counterpoint to the 350 specimens – displaying a rich variety from early fossils, to taxidermy. This includes a large tower of specimens that act as the heart of the exhibition complete with a circular mirror at the top.

Photography: Jim Stephenson