Our exhibition for the British Council that started at the Design Museum, continues with a tour to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh and potentially onto Russia, India and China. The exhibition, curated by Alison Moloney, celebrates several London based fashion designers including Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Osman Yousefzada, Peter Jensen, Sophia Kokosalaki and Marios Schwab, and how their work displays their past and their cultural heritage.

The exhibition was conceived as a series of theatre sets for each designer with printed backdrops and floors set within a metal structure. The challenge with the exhibition has been how to tour the sets without compromising the design, as the structures and backdrops need to fit into crates for shipping. Additionally many of the venues are not within traditional exhibition spaces, and so the designs need to be able to adapt to different surrounding buildings.

The exhibition began touring in March 2011 and will travel until the end of 2012. Read more here.