You Say You Want A Revolution?
Records and Rebels 1966–1970

We designed this immersive theatrical exhibition that started at the V&A Museum and is now on International Tour. The exhibition looks at this moment in History across America and Europe; and charts this era’s music, politics, fashion and design. We ask the visitor to take a trip with us through a series of revolutions from Carnaby Street, street protests, to club culture and Woodstock. Visitors wear headphones to hear music that is triggered to change as they wander from space to space discovering hunderds of objects, artworks, and ephemera from the time accompanied by the music and sounds of the day.

For this exhibition we acted as lead consultant bringing together a team from the theatre; Film makers FRAY studios (Finn Ross) and sound designer Carolyn Downing.

‘You Say You Want A Revolution is, in the parlance if the era, quite a trip.’ The Guardian ****