Codebreaker - Alan Turing’s life and legacy

We are 3D designers for this new exhibition at the Science Museum, open until July 2013. The exhibition was staged as part of the centenary celebrations of the birth of Alan Turing, and tells the story of his life as well as the legacy of his work.

The main feature of our design was a continuous timber wall that formed a perspective centred on a lightbox portrait of Turing himself, through to images that overhang the gallery edge, acting as a signpost of the exhibition to the space below.

This wall was a device in which to frame moments of history through apertures as theatre sets. Artefacts from the history of computing appear in original display cases within the main space. Surrounding this, we designed several intimate spaces that tell different personal stories, and create moments of tension for the visitor.

We worked with graphic designers Irish Butcher to create text printed directly onto this wall. Lighting designer Studio ZNA provided lighting to compliment the designs, including fibre optic points within our large scale graphic images.

Codebreaker: Alan Turing’s Life and Legacy won the prestigious ‘Great Exhibitions’ first prize from the British Society of the History of Science.

Photography: David Lambert