Normal Transmission Will Follow Shortly
Conceived and created by Pippa Nissen and Netia Jones
Musical Director: Steve Higgins
Singer (tenor): Hal Cazalet
Venue: Garage Theatre
First Performed: 2003

‘Normal Programming Will Resume Shortly’ is a reworking of Sonnet 30 from Benjamin Britten’s ‘Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo’.

‘The three minute sonnet’ is exploded into a 12 minute musical exploration of the piece, followed by a performance of the sonnet as written.

The live voice and piano respond, echo and communicate with recorded voice and piano. Similarly the live performer has a relationship with the projected video image, the video monitors and the projected stills that make up the stage picture.

Aspects of the narrative within the sonnet, and the character of the protagonist piece together to allow a more resonant and detailed response to the sonnet when it finally emerges as a whole piece.