The Way to The Sea
Commissioned by Aldeburgh Music
for Aldeburgh Festival 2010

Director / Filmmaker: Netia Jones
Designer / Filmmaker: Pippa Nissen
Lighting Designer: Zerlina Hughes
Venue: Thorpeness Village
Date: June 2010

We designed a series of installations through the landscape that took take place in Thorpeness June 2010 as part of Aldeburgh Festival. The whole village became part of an event, with staged performances of Britten’s music within Ogilvie Hall and the Country Club. As the audience walked around the village actors merged with passers-by and concealed platforms allowed performers to stand on the surface of the water. The performances are a celebration of one hundred years of the village, and was inspired by the ‘House in the Clouds’ a local surburban house raised in the air, disguising a water tower.

Guy Dammann writes in the Guardian newspaper:
‘On This Island, the production by Netia Jones and Pippa Nissen also used loops from the1936 documentary The Way to the Sea, to which Auden and Britten both contributed.The results can be summed up in three words: brilliant, brilliant and brilliant. And very funny. The outside portions consisted of a walk through the village and along the beach, punctuated by clipped cries of "Damnation" from a golfer whose ball was evidently lost in the pages of some PG Wodehouse story. Four canary-yellow tennis players were meanwhile trapped in a repeating cycle of "dyooce" and "vantage", while a commuter waited, out on the lake, to board his train. It succeeded beautifully in conjuring the mingled compassion and condescension that permeated Auden and Britten's nostalgic socialism.’