Alastair Clarke


Alastair joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2022 and is currently involved in the practice’s cultural and commercial work.

Prior to joining the practice, Alastair was an architect at Niall McLaughlin Architects and gained experience on award winning high quality cultural, residential, higher education and mixed-use projects within the UK and abroad. His experience spans from feasibility stages to construction with a strong interest in well-crafted technical design.

Alastair Studied at Oxford Brookes University and Manchester University and completed his Part III studies at the London Metropolitan University in 2019. His master thesis explored the role of micro and macro behaviours within the city, looking at everyday life and the rhythms which shape our environment.

Alastair has also designed and constructed many interactive stage sets and art installations for theatre, music and festivals which have been shown across the UK. Collaborating with these productions has developed Alastair’s interest in designing for audiences.