Ben Mehigan

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Ben joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2016, having graduated with a 1st Class honours degree in BSc Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture.

His third year work investigated Japanese domestic environments; questioning and challenging the traditions found within the household. By juxtaposing his experience of staying in a traditional ‘washitsu’ room in Kyoto and his home environment in London he produced drawings which hybridized, abstracted and commented on the essence of the two cultures.

His final project proposed a solution for Japan’s susceptibility to earthquakes. In preparation for the imminent Kanto quake, he master-planned a dichotomic village, one which exists outside of the earthquake perimeter as an Onsen resort but could shift its architectural arrangement to accommodate the influx of Tokyo’s displaced inhabitants. The focus of the building project was a kinetic housing scheme; one which could expand and divide in response to the population increase.

Ben was selected to have his final project reviewed at the 2016 Bartlett Open Crits; presenting to an esteemed panel consisting of Sir Peter Cook, Frédéric Migayrou, Simon Herron and Asif Khan.

He has been working on several mixed use and residential projects, as well as several exhibition projects including currently the Bletchley Park Trust refurbishment of hut 11a.