Eleanor Grierson

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Prior to joining Nissen Richards Studio in 2018 Eleanor worked at Lynch Architects for five years on projects ranging from private houses, large mixed use schemes, a new Convent for the Pallottine Sisters in North London to a Library on Victoria Street as well as a number of international competitions.

Eleanor has a particular interest in the beauty and tension of man’s mark on the landscape. She believes in a strong material and spatial sensitivity to what is already on a site. Whether the context is natural, a post industrial landscape or an existing building, there is always something there first. For her architecture is more about what is touched with the hand than shapes on a skyline.

Throughout her education at The University of Cambridge, where she was a Barbara Bodichon Scholar, and then The Cass School of Architecture, she has always been interested in architecture’s place within a wider arts context. She curated and organised end of year exhibitions and events at both universities. When she took the unusual step of breaking her studies between her two diploma years she worked as a British Council Scholar for The 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, exhibited and subsequently won 1st Prize at an international land art festival and finished work on her first commission ‘ A House in a Field’ – a small timber building in Yorkshire.

Her diploma project under the tutorage of Florian Biegel was tasked with unearthing the ‘urban gestalt’ of an industrial site in Kentish Town. Eleanor’s solution explored how city structures could mediate between city and industry and, at its heart, was a civic knuckle – a town hall as the origin from which a new town could grow organically.

Outside of work, Eleanor has an active interest in the arts, especially painting and theatre. She also works as a volunteer with a mental health charity.