Joe Johnson

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Joe joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2018, after graduating from the Bartlett, receiving a 1st Class honours degree in BSc Architecture, alongside the RIBA Donaldson Medal and Environmental Prize.

Joe often develops his work using large scale physical models, which he uses as iterative tools to discover and uncover spaces. He uses a wide range of mediums, both physical and digital, and has previously combined hand drawing, rendering, scripting and robotics within drawings and constructions to glimpse the character of his proposals.

His third year work stemmed from a fascination with ‘pentimenti’. This term refers to paintings in which traces of earlier compositions and re-workings remain visible in the final piece, revealing where the artist changed their mind.

The project explored how spaces might bear similar marks of alteration, and tell the story of their own becoming. This was pursued through the design of a library and workspace in Catania, Sicily. Strict environmental aims were set for the project, leading to many iterations and variations. The proposal celebrated where these changes occurred through shifts in materiality and colour – revealing the seams between ideas, and the nature of the building as a work in progress.

Alongside these projects Joe also developed a keen interest in exhibition work through involvement in the Kingston Foundation and Bartlett end of year shows, gaining valuable experience in design, fabrication and curation.