Tom Phillips

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Tom joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2019, having graduated from Cambridge University with a BA in Architecture.

Tom enjoys the process of making, be that a model, furniture, or actual structures, having been involved in set design since he was 15. This process of crafting prevailed in his third year work, when creating art restoration studios, with large scale models used throughout the design process, allowing intense testing of light in space. These iterative, and physical, design techniques allowed an environmentally effective project to be produced, whilst realising various initial evocative collages and paintings.

Tom’s dissertation at university focussed on how the memory of Fitzwilliam College’s first architect, Denys Lasdun, is regarded; comparing the unfavourable historians’ view, respectful later architectural additions to the site, and the often displeased students’. This conflict in narratives and hierarchy of users is inherent in university architecture, but highlighted the importance of a detailed interaction with the daily users from both the architects and the management along with a severe disconnection between the experiential descriptions by an visitor versus an occupant.

Having previously worked in a school, Tom has a special interest in education and its importance. Constantly designing, Tom spends his free time working of projects with friends, enjoying the collaborative process, in, for instance the construction of a garden studio, made out of 70% recycled materials.