Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

An immersive series of spaces showcasing Bob Dylan’s visual artworks

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design

The first retrospective exhibition of Bob Dylan’s visual artworks – Retrospectrum – has opened at the Modern Art Museum (MAM) in Shanghai. Spanning five decades of Dylan’s career and seven distinct series of works, Retrospectrum marks the artist’s most comprehensive art exhibition to date anywhere in the world and enables visitors to experience Dylan’s artwork in a uniquely immersive and interactive environment, contextualising the artwork alongside Dylan’s writing and music and across time. Nissen Richards Studio approached the design of the space by taking inspiration from Bob’s artistic output, his huge cultural influence and the gritty bohemian settings he wrote about and lived in, de-constructing, abstracting and reworking archival images to evoke place and time.

The exhibition features more than 250 of Bob Dylan’s artworks, spanning 40 years and an array of different media, including important works on loan from private collections around the world. The artist’s diverse creations include oil, acrylic and watercolour painting, as well as ink, pastel and charcoal drawings and distinctive ironwork sculptures.


Modern Art Museum


Shanghai, China

Amey Kandalgaonkar