Ancient Lives, new discoveries

We were 3D designers for this exhibition about the lives of eight mummies in Ancient Egypt which is currently showing at the British Museum. We used scans of each mummy, which were animated into films and interactive media so that visitors could get the sensation that they were dissecting and discovering findings from each mummy. For example one adult coffin revealed a child, and another showed detailed tooth decay and soft tissue which we were able to print out in 3D to sit alongside artefacts.

The technology was paced to allow for different readings of the mummy and the reveals – so for example vertical screens encouraged visitors to think of the mummies as people; which culminated in 3 screens presented as independent people at the end. We worked hard alongside the museum, to give the exhibits and ancient human remains dignity and respect – so that the exhibition technology did not feel sensational. This was picked up in a positive way, in many final reviews of the show. We worked alongside graphic designers Northover & Brown and interactive designers AllofUs to produce the exhibition.

Photography: Nick Rochowski