Churchill’s Scientists

We designed both 3D and 2D for this major exhibition at the Science Museum London. The exhibition marks 50 years from Churchill’s death and charts how his interest and investment in science led to scientific achievements during the second world war and the peacetime that followed.

We worked closely with the museum to create a series of spaces using different spatial configurations and shifting graphic languages to create a clear journey through the exhibition.

A central spine divides the exhibition and is used to introduce key people and themes:

To one side, the wartime section where we worked with colours inspired by the era and created a contemporary voice of red and blue letterpress text. Smaller spaces led from the spine wall each focused on an individual story, with its key characters, scientific objects and images. We also designed mini 3D stage sets, which were set into the wall and brought together the different strands of the story and concepts involved.

To the other side, the peacetime section was conceived as one large open space to convey an optimistic feeling using different bright colours to define each zones.

We enjoyed using a palette of different substrate textures; raw and printed mdf, coloured valchromat, and large scale scene-setting imagery.