Lawford Road

The clients for this project approached the studio to redesign the basement of their Victorian Terrace in Hackney. The 48sqm floor plan had previously been used inefficiently as an open plan kitchen and dining room. The new design reconfigured the interior space to benefit from the existing structural rhythm; capturing pockets of comfort and varying intensity, rich with materiality and colour.

Central to the design is a new aquarium of tropical fish housed within an existing arch. The tank and its colourful inhabitants provides inspiration for an aquatic-inspired design, showcasing the bright personalities of the family. The kitchen was reimagined as a contemporary linear design, while the dining area is housed between views of the fish and the garden, with intimate bench seating. In addition, new spaces for an atmospheric ‘snug’, utility and WC were created. The staircase was fabricated as a bespoke storage space, which also transforms into a compact study.

Photography: James Stephenson