Rediscover: Tiepolo’s ‘Joseph Receiving Pharaoh’s Ring’

This exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery redisplays Tiepolo’s masterpiece, which has been recently restored to its original brilliance. Using interpretive graphic techniques, our design helps the visitor to understand the painting in great detail.

We chose colours for the space that echo the bright colours and energy found within the painting. A large graphic backdrop on one of the walls displays an X-ray image of the painting, exploring the intricacies and history of the painting process behind the artist’s work. Inspired by Tiepolo’s frescoes, we illustrated the surrounding gallery walls with characters taken directly from the painting, including Tiepolo himself, to introduce the interpretive information. Carefully artworked close-ups of the painting explain the stories behind the work and help to bring the painting to life.

Photography: Gareth Gardner