Telling Tales

A new exhibition ‘Telling Tales – Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design’ at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London in collaboration with lighting designer studio ZNA and sound designer Luminous Frenzy, which ran from July until October 2009.

The proposal comprises a continuous and direct journey through three distinct zones: the Forest Glade, the Enchanted Castle and Heaven and Hell. Each section houses design objects selected by the curator Gareth Williams around a common theme within their designs. Each area has been treated in a distinct way – with varying choices of images, form and lighting to carefully consider and to reinforce the theme and their display mechanism.

This includes a series of transparent screens of abstract trees; a mirrored room and large graphic decorative motifs as wallpaper and floor; and darkened corridors with slowly moving video on the ceiling, with slot windows that allow fragmented views of the objects behind.

Photography: David Lambert