Adam Hogan

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Adam Joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2023, having received a first-class honour in his master’s degree at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff. His thesis focused on the changing attitudes to daily life following the COVID pandemic and how our civic spaces can encourage ‘slowness’ within routine to create a better quality of life and a closer connection to one’s own sense of being. Alongside his studies, Adam took on the role of exhibition chair for the Welsh School of Architecture where he delivered an end of year show titled ‘ADAPT’. This exhibition gave ownership to the students, allowing them to creatively adapt their display in a way that best represented their academic work.

Before joining Nissen Richards Studio, Adam worked in a Cardiff based firm for 2 years. Here, he worked on a range of private residential projects at varying scales within rural and urban settings, allowing him the freedom and opportunity to explore his identity as a designer.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys keeping active through playing squash and climbing. He also enjoys exploring his creativity through alternative mediums such painting and sculpture.