Anyu Chan

Architect / Designer

Anyu graduated with a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art, with her final thesis tutored by the 2021 Turner Prize Nominee, Cooking Sections, and investigated the relationship between our bodies and bodies of water around us – focusing on the South China Sea. The architectural intervention creates a new type of restoration, that explores our wellness and that of the exhausted coastal habitat, that moves away from oceanic extraction. Previously she graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with honours. She was awarded the Outstanding Drawing Award and she was selected for the Exhibition of the Year.

She has worked on sound exhibits, that include for the Serpentine Galleries’ Back to Earth Campaign responding to the environmental crisis, and a piece for Three Rivers Bexley on the disappearing marshes of London.

She spent 4 years at Project Little Dream as an architectural division officer in which she designed and constructed onsite school structures and worked on providing software for education and healthcare in Takeo, Cambodia, focusing on children needing primary education.

Her professional work has been within cultural or institutional projects, the most recent being the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in New Delhi. She has worked internationally; in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Cambodia.