Grace Drennan

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Grace joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2021, after receiving a Distinction from the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the London Metropolitan University. She studied in Unit 3 under the guidance of Nissen Richards Studio, working to design a ‘Museum for Now’. Her final project was a Museum of Ceramics responding to the pandemic’s resulting cultural impacts amplified by the current mental health crisis. She considered the cultural shifts of lockdown leading to increased time spent in nature and a growing thirst for craft, and she considered the therapeutic effects these activities provide. Working to create a place of urban escape her scheme encapsulated these two notions, with a ceramics display and studio for crafting with enclosed wildflower gardens creating inward views and a peaceful place to occupy.

She achieved her BA from The University of Sheffield in 2017, and prior to her masters gained design experience working in a small London based residential firm for two years. Here she worked on predominantly extension and refurbishment projects in the London region.

Outside of work Grace enjoys watching live music and visiting her local galleries. She is currently working on a series of exhibition projects.