Phoebe Flatau

Architectural Assistant / Designer

Phoebe joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2022, whilst completing her M.Arch from the Royal College of Art. Her architectural practice seeks to explore the theatre of everyday life and the performances of people in places. She uses design as a means of interrogating the dramas that effect our social and cultural condition today. Her first masters project choreographed the disassembly of Smithfield Meat Market. The pieces of structure were paraded and distributed through the city in a series of carnivals. These nocturnal events sought to speculate on new urban night economies and their relationship with street violence against women.

In 2019 she received a double first for her BA from Cambridge University, and worked for two years at Tim Ronalds Architects. Over this time she assisted on several educational, institutional and residential schemes. One of the projects was the re-housing the House of Illustration Gallery into a Grade II listed Victorian Pumphouse. The design sought to enhance the structure through small interventions, without losing the unique and uncanny atmosphere of the site. During this period, she was the production, costume and graphic designer for SANTI, a short film which was selected for the BFI Future Film Festival 2022.

At Nissen Richards Studio she is working on a series of exhibition projects. Phoebe enjoys films, theatre and art. She continues to collaborate with friends on projects, across multiple creative disciplines.