Goya and Munch: Modern Prophecies

MUNCH Museum

Helping unite the complex worlds of two great painters

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Selected

Goya and Munch: Modern Prophecies is a temporary exhibition at MUNCH in Oslo, taking as its focus the parallels between two artists from opposite ends of Europe – Spanish artist Francisco de Goya (1746–1828) and Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Whilst both artists lived different lives in separate historical eras, the exhibition takes as its starting point the idea that in Munch’s lifetime, Goya had very much been rediscovered and was beginning to garner the recognition due to him as a forerunner of modernism.

Focusing on the different ways the two artists addressed themes relating to society, war, faith and superstition, Goya and Munch: Modern Prophecies uncovers fascinating similarities between them. As well as a wide selection of famous and lesser-known drawings, prints and paintings by both artists, visitors get a rare chance to view complete sets of Goya’s famous print series ‘Disasters of War’ and ‘The Caprices’.

The exhibition is divided into three themed areas – society, war and faith. As well as these three thematic spaces, Nissen Richards also created immersive transition areas, using light and sound (working with sound artist Carolyn Downing) to create sensory spaces that emotionally connect and prepare visitors as they move between the different themes. Light and projection were used to ensure these areas are not static, with one area using shadows from details of the artworks, so that visitors feel they are almost stepping into the etchings, whilst soundscapes of abstracted fragments of sound introduce a multi-sensory aspect.


MUNCH Museum


Oslo, Norway


Exhibition Designer
Graphic Designer


Sound Installations: Carolyn Downing
Lighting Design: Tara Fox / MUNCH

Photography: Gareth Gardner