Exhibition Design

We design exhibitions for museums, heritage places and art galleries. Our experience is broad, from art shows and theatrical experiences, to large-scale masterplanning across cultural sites.

We work hard to understand our audiences and shape the experience in response. We think carefully about pacing the journey – from theatrical and immersive, to pared back and object focused; and from active and participatory, to quiet and reflective. Ultimately, we aspire to create environments that encourage emotional connections.

We have extensive experience of designing with and alongside a wide range of creative collaborators, such as, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, lighting designers, theatre practitioners and digital designers. We enjoy exploring new ways to inspire engagement, pairing innovative design with cutting-edge technologies.

Our strength is our multidisciplinary nature and we have grown to be multiskilled as a result of understanding the need to work closely across all exhibition design elements. Whether it is a graphic, something built, an interactive, film, animation or lighting, we create environments where all components are seamlessly integrated.