Antiquity Now

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Displays of artworks and antiquities reimagined to create a dramatic visitor experience

Gallery Design

Our proposed design reimagined the displays of the Glyptotek’s antiquities collection across two floors.

Embracing the Glyptotek’s role as a public space was an important part of our scheme. Now, more than ever, we yearn for spaces that we can share, that are welcoming and that broaden our horizons. Building on Jacobsen’s original vision for the museum as a sensory, recreational and aesthetic space, our proposal enhances the Glyptotek as a public space – a Garden for Everyone.

The beauty of the Glyptotek establishes the basis for this shared garden and within it, the collections enable us to proclaim that this is a place for everyone. Within these spaces, the sensory experience of sculpture comes first, but is supported by a multi-layered framework that creates experiences and conveys stories that will make ancient sculptures speak to us today.

Across the collections, there are universal themes that speak of shared human experiences. They have the power to touch us all, regardless of cultural differences, geographic location or period of time. We proposed to bring these out along the central axis through a series of artworks that would act as a catalyst for visitors to see and understand the collections in a new light.

We created a route through from the street into the heart of the collection. As a loose rule, we paired contemporary and antique works to encourage visitors to see that we share many of our ancestors’ hopes, dreams and challenges.

In the Bel Étage, our design aimed to celebrate the architecture and the artworks through a sensory display of light and thoughtful object placement. By creating clear vistas and connecting objects and stories through spaces, we show the interconnectedness of cultures and humans through time.

On Level One, our design embraced the opportunity presented by these lower level spaces to provide a more immersive, theatrical experience, introducing intense moments of digital and sound to transport visitors to another time and place.


Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek




Gallery Design, Exhibition Design, Wayfinding, Graphic Design


Lighting Designer: Studio ZNA
Digital Designer: FRAY Studio
Contractor: Spekta