Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature

Natural History Museum

A colourful celebration of the evolution of vision and colour in nature

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Selected

For Colour and Vision, we designed a series of evocative spaces that explored how colour and vision have filled the natural world with the vibrant colours we see in nature today. It told the intriguing story of how the evolution of vision and the existence of colour in nature are inextricably linked.

The paced journey responded to the chronological evolution of eyes and how this led to an explosion of colour in the animal kingdom. We collaborated with artist Liz West to create an entry point that explored the concept of colour in nature. The counterpoint was hundreds of animal specimens, from fossils to taxidermy, with a large central tower at the heart of the exhibition.

The exhibition received a 5-star review from the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones, who called it a ‘mind-expanding peepshow of nature’.


The Natural History Museum


London, UK


Exhibition Design
Graphic Design


DHA Design
Liz West

photography: James Stephenson