Electricity: The Spark of Life

Wellcome Collection, Teylers Museum, Science and Industry Museum

Exploring the story of electricity

Exhibition Design, Selected

This touring exhibition chronicled the story of electricity from the discovery of static electricity, through to self-sustaining cities, thematically exploring society’s fascination with this phenomena and its inextricable connection to life and death. Three pavilions within the exhibition showcased large-scale artworks.

Our design, inspired by the international network of electrical grids, is a series of shifting pylon structures that transform from freestanding individual tables, to vertical towers supporting a network of lighting grids and finally to simplified outlines of a utopian cityscape. An adapting palette of materials takes the visitor on a journey through landscapes of academia, industry and consumerism.


Wellcome Collection (London), the Teylers Museum (Haarlem) and the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester)


London UK; Haarlem, Holland; Manchester, UK


Exhibition Design
Graphic Design (Manchester)



photography: James Stephenson