House of Portraits

Powis Castle and Gardens, The National Trust

This exhibition delves into the details of a series of portraits hung throughout the castle

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Wayfinding, Selected

A series of portraits, from artists including Joshua Reynolds, John Singer Sargent and Thomas Gainsborough, were re-hung to reveal stories of the people behind the faces, and to explore the theme of portraiture and what this means to us today.

We created a trail that ran through the castle, for which we carefully designed a series of freestanding structures in fitting with the rooms’ interiors. The journey culminated in an exhibition focusing on the exquisite miniature of Edward Herbert by Isaac Oliver. A film explored the techniques used to restore the painting, and a beautiful large printed book zoomed into details.


Powis Castle and Gardens, The National Trust


Powis, Wales


Exhibition Design
Graphic Design


Nick Street

photography: Dan Dunkley, James Stephenson