Varese 360

Southbank Centre

Films surround the audience accompanying a live music performance at the Southbank Centre

Theatre, Film and Animation, Selected

We made a series of films that were shown in the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Festival Hall as part of the Varese 360 series of events at the Southbank Centre. We collaborated with Cathie Boyd and Zerlina Hughes to create a light and film background to his music. The films became the textures and rhythms found in science and nature that Varese’s music describes. During Deserts and Poeme Electronique the whole auditorium became a projection surface as an accompaniment to Varese’s music. Film was projected onto thin screens that were suspended above the stage, and onto the walls of the auditorium surrounding the audience.


Southbank Centre, London


London, UK


Film Design
Theatre Design


Cathie Boyd
Zerlina Hughes

photography: David Lambert