Paths to Utopia

King's College London

This exhibition showcased a series of works created by artists and academics, exploring ideas of Utopia

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Selected

This exhibition formed part of a wider project developed by King’s College London, exploring Utopian ideals in celebration of the 500th anniversary of Thomas Moore’s text. A selection of artworks, created through collaborations between artists and academics, were showcased in a series of spaces in the Inigo Rooms at Somerset House.

As an introduction to the exhibition, we created a decompression space, in which the visitor steps out of everyday life and into an immersive and sensorial landscape. Here, they are encouraged to reflect on their own idea of Utopia. We also created a visual identity and brand for the project, inspired by the concept of disorder, and which mirrored the sculptural substrate and graphic landscape of our exhibition design.


King's College London


London, UK


Exhibition Design
Graphic Design

photography: Robin Maggs