Wordsworth Grasmere

The Wordsworth Trust

New name, tone of voice, brand and visual identity system


We worked with the Wordsworth Trust to define their purpose, which was reflected through a new name, values, tone of voice, brand and visual identity system. The new name, Wordsworth Grasmere, unites the different components of the place and the many assets and offers, including William Wordsworth’s home, Dove Cottage.

The new brand was designed with the purpose of preserving Wordsworth’s heritage and his innovative approach to poetry. The classic and the contemporary are brought together through bespoke characters initially inspired by Baskerville, the typeface designed by John Baskerville and used to print the first William Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads. 

Bespoke ink shapes enrich the brand and introduce a sense of poetry. Each shape has a unique feel and has been created especially for this identity. The colours of the identity are inspired by the Lake District. The contrast between light and dark colours is a direct reference to the Lake District landscapes through the seasons. The tone of voice for the identity system was defined as ‘welcoming, passionate, ambitious and relevant’, whilst expressing the core mission of the site, evoke the power of human stories and the aspiration to be ‘Wordsworthian’.


The Wordsworth Trust


Grasmere, the Lake District, UK



Other roles on the project

Exhibition Design
Graphic Design