You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970


A major immersive exhibition that explored the impact of the late 1960s through music, fashion, film, design and political activism

Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Selected

This exhibition was a highly immersive object-rich exhibition and one of the V&A’s blockbuster exhibitions. It still tours to international venues.

Our design took visitors on an experiential journey through the late 1960s as they explored activism, music, fashion and design. Large scale projected film, AV and sound mixed with objects created theatrical environments that took people from Carnaby Street to Woodstock. Throughout the visit, visitors wore headphones that provided soundscapes and soundtracks to the exhibition. As they moved between spaces, the music triggered to change.

‘You Say You Want A Revolution is, in the parlance if the era, quite a trip.’ The Guardian ****






Exhibition Design
Graphic Design


FRAY Studio
Studio ZNA
Carolyn Downing

photography: James Stephenson, Gareth Gardner