Hut 11A: The Bombe Breakthrough

Bletchley Park Trust

A multi-sensory journey tracing the history of the Bombe in the very room it was housed

Exhibition Design, Gallery Design, Graphic Design, Interpretation, Selected

This exhibition traces the history of the Bombe machine: from its inception during the technological arms race in Europe; to the genius minds which made the machine a reality and the vital intelligence it decrypted.

Our approach incorporated multi-sensory and theatrical techniques to engage the visitor with this complex story. We choreographed a journey through the space – a dynamic audio-visual show, which was synchronised with the regular running of the replica bombe. We designed a freestanding display system so as not to impinge on the historic fabric and to highlight the original hut in which the Bombe was housed.


Bletchley Park




Exhibition Design
Graphic Design


FRAY Studio
Studio ZNA
Carolyn Downing

photography: Gareth Gardner, Gavriil Papadiotis
film: Nick Street